it's ok to be in close proximity with others if you are Covid Negative


If you believe it’s ok to be in close proximity with others if you are Covid Negative, then WE CHALLENGE YOU TO JOIN THE CLUB! Follow the steps below and join the Club!

Step 1. Click here and check out the most advanced screening tool available; it’s a mobile app that analyzes your voice to screen for respiratory illness including Covid-19 and its latest variants.

Step 2. Register for the FREE Trial; no credit card required.

Step 3. Download the app to your smart phone and login using the same credentials you used when you registered for the free trial.

Step 4. Go ahead and try it now! Screen yourself for Covid... If your result is Negative (No Covid-19 Detected) then post a video or photo of you showing off your valid All Clear Pass on your favorite Social Media platform (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) with the #CovidNegativeClub hashtag.

Step 5. From within the app, SHARE and invite friends to signup.

Thanks for joining the Covid Negative Club! Stay safe… screen often… challenge all your friends to join us!

-The Covid Negative Club is a socially responsible club.